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What is Amazon Lightsail ?

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Hello, dear blog reader, in this post I would like to inform you about the AWS Lightsail Service.

Lightsail Logo

I don’t know if you heard about managed services, but I want to summarize to you like this; It’s meaning that you don’t have to worry about some issues such as service access, security, network communication and the company from which you get service will solve these things for you.

With the Lightsail service, Amazon Web Services manages the issues I mentioned above, and it is up to us to implement the services it provides with a few simple clicks.

So which services does it provide? Let’s take a look at these now..

AWS Lightsail offers us Operating Systems and Applications that can work with them.

Microsoft Windows;

The services it provides as an operating system;
Lightsail Windows OS
Applications given with Microsoft operating system;
Lightsail Microsoft OS + Apps
If we look at the pricing;


The services it provides as an operating system;
Lightsail Linux OS
Applications given with Linux / Unix operating system
Lightsail Linux OS + Apps
If we look at the pricing;

As you can see, we can say that 30 different installations are pre-prepared for us. For instance, this blog is built with WordPress under the Linux / Unix application service and I did not have to have any Linux / Unix knowledge while doing this. AWS Lightsail is already giving the necessary directions after installation.

So where are they ?

AWS has a location definition called Region, I will explain the definitions of Availability Zone ve Region with a post called Introduction to AWS and when the time comes, I will put a link here, but for now, just think of Region as the city where AWS Datacenter is located. let’s see where are these?

Lightsail Regions

So do you think it ends with these? It does not end, you can also use Container systems on Lightsail, AWS allows you to run your Docker images on AWS with this service. Let it be the subject of another article then, how this will be? 🙂


Lightsail Containers
If we look at the container pricing;
Containers Fee

The pricing here is a little different, as a matter of fact, I would like to explain immediately.
As you can see the resources are very low and They can work with a structure called scale, in other words, you determine how many resources you have selected will be used at the same time Since I chose 10 as an example in the scale layer 10 x 7 dollars = 70 dollars a month and this multiplier can range from 1 to 20.



If you do not want to deal with setting up a database and want it to be installed quickly, if you have the idea to test it immediately or use it in a short term, in my opinion, it can be a one-to-one option for you, let’s see which ones AWS Lightsail can give for us.


What about pricing? Pricing is divided into Standard and High Availability. High Availability means working in 2 different Availability Zones.

Database Fee
Database Fee HA


There is also a storage service, with which we can define and assign additional disk spaces to the instances we create. You can find pricing below..

Storage Fee

These are the final prices,🙂
Let me indicate the prices of additional services that can be used on the services and finish the article, right?

I think it’s been a long article again. Last, but not the least post for AWS Lightsail. If I’m not mistaken, at the beginning of 2020, there were 191 services on AWS. It is almost impossible for me to write something about the whole AWS, I don’t know and I work for another vendor during the day. I cannot allocate my internal work hours for AWS.🙂